Why I Started Photography

Why? Why? Why? To be honest, I actually got into videography first, I had just started college (still in college) and I had just found out that I hated what I had chosen to do (still do). I literally did anything to take my mind off of it. So, naturally, YouTube became my go-to place for distraction and then…

…Cue Casey Neisetat and boom I was so buzzed and hyped! What a life he lived! Shooting those little videos every day and getting to go to all those fancy locations around the whole world! Who wouldn’t want that job!? In enters Enda’s brand spanking new YouTube channel (what about that for a smooth plug). Look out world! Enda is gonna become famous!!! 4 years later and I’m still in college doing something I hate. But! I finish my degree this May so it’s not all that bad.

I actually did manage to make a few videos, but by god was it cringey talking in front of a camera. To this day I question how all those famous vloggers do it, “oh it’ll get easier as you go on”, nah g’luck. I still have a passion for film and I do intend on getting back into it once I finish my degree (btw it is a Civil Engineering degree if you have been wondering), but I’m gonna be basing it around documentary-style videos. Less of me talking and more of us finding out about others and how cool they are.

So I dropped the YouTube act for a while, but I still needed a distraction and the pull of videos was still there but I needed something else, something similar to videos and vlogging… In strolls Instagram. Truth be told I was coaxed into it by some friends, “oh man its savage, some of the photos on it are slick as hell, everyone is on it man!” In enters Enda’s brand spanking new Instagram account! I’m gonna be famous just like Casey Neistat, only this time I’m gonna be famous like Pie Aerts!! Woo, what a life I’m gonna live… Again, I’m still in college.

But, the difference is I’m still on Instagram and my friends were right, it is a pretty cool place for inspiration and finding out about the world around us and that is exactly what my photographic philosophy has developed into. I am so, so happy I created an Instagram account because it has allowed me to actually find what I want to do in life! I have found a true passion and that is photography. I want to showcase this incredible world that we live in and the beauty it holds and I want to be able to inspire you to go out there and experience it all for yourself, after all, we do only live once.

To all those still wondering about what they want to do in life and frustrated because they genuinely don’t think anything is for them, all I can say is it only took me a few friends to say, “arra go on just do it”. You never know whats around the corner, always keep the hope!




Published by endatheroad

Born in Galway, Ireland, but raised all over the world thanks to the incredible work that my parents have done with the United Nations and many other NGOs. I want to capture the true beauty of the world and the good people of it that strive to make it a better place for all of us. I believe that only through education and awareness can we really appreciate each other and the world around us. I believe that photography is the right medium to achieve this.

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