The Galway Seafest

This is more of a photo blog than anything else, just showing some perspectives of the Galway Seafest.

I think this is the first time Galway have had a Seafest like this and I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t think it was gonna be any good. Usually these things are just for show and there isn’t really any substance to it at all.

Although I have to say, it wasn’t half bad! We got to climb aboard the William Butler Yeats and tour the ship and see how our navy does it. You could also take tours of the Celtic explorer, one of our research vessels.

There were also some demonstrations from the army and coast guard, showing how they rescue people in trouble and carry out air drops at sea. Some water sport were available too, all for free, like sailing, kayaking and jetskiing and they were for anyone with any ability. So it wasn’t too shabby at all!

However, the best thing about the day was being able to attend a talk given by Nat Geo and Planet Earth photographer, Doug Allan. His talk was incredibly inspirational and he truly is the perfect example of how we can use photography and film to raise awareness and show how crazy and amazing our Earth is and how we cant live without nature. What a legend!

See some of my photos of the day below and I hope you were lucky enough to go to the Seafest yourself.


Published by endatheroad

Born in Galway, Ireland, but raised all over the world thanks to the incredible work that my parents have done with the United Nations and many other NGOs. I want to capture the true beauty of the world and the good people of it that strive to make it a better place for all of us. I believe that only through education and awareness can we really appreciate each other and the world around us. I believe that photography is the right medium to achieve this.

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