A Self Guided Mini Coffee Tour of Dublin

The original goal was to get up at 6:30 and head into town and chase the sunrise all over Dublin city. Just a side note, I highly recommend anyone to do this, its a great way to explore the city and when the sun rays start to come over the tips of the buildings and spread out over the streets, its pretty magical.

As I was walking around chasing the sunrise I decided to pop into Industry cafe to get a coffee to fend off the sleepiness. So, there’s me sipping some delicious flat whites, (ended up having 3 of them there, no joke) when I got to thinking, why the hell don’t I just do a self guided mini coffee tour of Dublin!? I’m not doing anything else, except chasing the sun… why not!? Everyone’s at work and I’m on my day off and everything. Boom! So there it was ‘A self guided mini coffee tour of Dublin’ had begun.

So, in total I went to five different cafes. I must stress that there were an abundance of awesome cafes around this city that I didn’t manage to get to that I also love and support but I was feeling proper sick after visiting the fifth cafe so I had to end the tour there… I am in no way saying that these five spots are in anyway better than any of the other cafes in Dublin, its just that these were the five that were most convenient to me at the time.

However, If you are a coffee shop owner or coffee guru person and you want me to go to you and review your spot with loads of photos, in exchange for lovely coffee and some mulla, baby I am all ears!

So, this is how I’m gonna do it, I’ll list the places I went to in order and then I’ll show some photos of the gaff plus some info about them.

First stop, was Mr. Top dog! Man of the moment!



The Real first Stop, Industry Cafe:

These dudes blend lifestyle, design and coffee seamlessly! I love it! They allow you to enjoy great coffee while dreaming about how you could enjoy this same coffee in your lovely sleek apartment when your older, that you’ll never be able to afford.

These dudes were serving a lovely coffee from El Salvador, roasted by the Barn.



Second stop, Kaph:

These dudes have one of the coolest window displays around! They sell lovely 3fe coffee in some tasty flat whites. Chilling out at their front window sipping coffee and people-watching is one of best things to do!



Third stop, Cloud picker in the Science Gallery:

These guys have an unreal open space with absolutely loads of natural light shinning in, tis a photographers dream I have to say! Its a nice idea for an afternoon activity, go to the science gallery and check out the new exhibition and then chill out with a coffee afterwards.

These dudes were selling Finca La Senda from Guatemala and some interesting coffee from Congo too!

Cloud picker


Fourth stop, Bear Mrkt.:

These dudes have a nifty little spot in IFSC and have some of the best baristas around 😉 (the GF works here so I had to show the face and try some of her delicious coffee)

Their house blend of Columbia and Guatemala has a delish full, nutty and chocolate-y taste.



Fifth stop, Two Pups:

These dudes sell some nice lunch as well as coffee, I was served by the second placed Dublin Aeropress championship barista, so that was pretty cool! the interior is cozy and green, I love plants!

They were Brewing some sweet Square Mile coffee!

Two Pups



OK that is it! I couldn’t drink anymore coffee, I was feeling way too sick so I had to stop there, anyway it was time for me to catch my bus back to Galway!

Other spots that are class in Dublin that I couldn’t get round too unfortunately:

Proper Order Coffee



Clement and Pekoe

Love Supreme

Two Boys Brew

Shoe Lane





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