I Graduated!

I graduated! It feels so weird to say that… It was such a surreal experience, I honestly never thought that I’d make it to graduation. I remember every year I was in college and looking at other classes graduating and being incredibly jealous that they were done. Able to be free and explore their worlds and options and I just felt that I was on this never ending road of lecturers and assignments. I can’t believe that I am now one of them, a graduate part of the alumni… WHAT?! It’s so weird to think about. The guts of 16/17 years of education for this moment right here…Wow! If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m in shock, did I say surreal already?

If you don’t know already, the last 4 years have been tough, college really took it out of me. I had realised early on that the course wasn’t for me but I stuck to it and painfully made it through the 4 years. So the graduation was extra special for me as it meant I had accomplished this impossible task and now I am free. I can go off into this world and explore and discover some cool things and that’s what I intend to do! After I make a little bit of money… So if you know anyone looking for a photographer I’d be forever grateful if you’d send them my way. Please and thank you.

water mark Graduation-1water mark Graduation-3water mark Graduation-5water mark Graduation-6water mark Graduation-9water mark Graduation-10water mark Graduation-15water mark Graduation-17water mark Graduation-18water mark Graduation-22water mark Graduation-27water mark Graduation-28water mark Graduation-29

© endatheroad 2018. (A lot of time, effort and money has gone into the production of these images, if you’d like to use any of them please contact me first. Thank you.)

Published by endatheroad

Born in Galway, Ireland, but raised all over the world thanks to the incredible work that my parents have done with the United Nations and many other NGOs. I want to capture the true beauty of the world and the good people of it that strive to make it a better place for all of us. I believe that only through education and awareness can we really appreciate each other and the world around us. I believe that photography is the right medium to achieve this.

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