Rainy Days in Galway

I’m one of those people that hates bad weather. If I see it raining, more importantly, if I see it grey, overcast and windy, then Enda is in a bad mood. Don’t get me wrong some days I  love the slow pitter patter of raindrops on a porch or window and the distant sounds of a thunderstorm, that stuff is nice and ironically makes me feel good. I’m talking about the bad weather that engulfs Galway for about 90% of the year. Just bland, bleak and never changing. Utter shite.

Anyway, the whole point of this is that I decided to try and tackle this! I challenged myself to head out in the rain with my 50 mm prime lens and capture the beauty of Galway in the rain. This forced me to try and find the beauty in the rain, try and create unique perspectives and angles that look good in a photo. It was actually really fun! I actually want to do it again, it was good craic and it helped me improve my photography technique. So this is what I managed to capture, hopefully, it makes you see rainy days more positively…

Let me know what you think!

Rainy days -1Rainy days -4Rainy days -5Rainy days -6Rainy days -7Rainy days -8Rainy days -12Rainy days -15Rainy days -16Rainy days -17Rainy days -9Rainy days -10Rainy days -11Rainy days -2Rainy days -3

© endatheroad 2018. (A lot of time, effort and money has gone into the production of these images, if you’d like to use any of them please contact me first. Thank you.)

Published by endatheroad

Born in Galway, Ireland, but raised all over the world thanks to the incredible work that my parents have done with the United Nations and many other NGOs. I want to capture the true beauty of the world and the good people of it that strive to make it a better place for all of us. I believe that only through education and awareness can we really appreciate each other and the world around us. I believe that photography is the right medium to achieve this.

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