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Special Edition: Skies Of The West Of Ireland

My first set of special edition images. I shot the skies of the west of Ireland during the first “lockdown” here. The sky was all the distraction I needed

The Negev Desert

We hiked 15 km into the Negev Desert Crater and climbed up the granite mountain that laid in the middle. It looked like something from Mars.

Fish Eagle

I took this photo while on an evening boat safari on the Chobe River in Botswana. I was watching another incredible African sunset over the horizon when I saw this magnificent great African Fish Eagle in a tree beside me, also enjoying the sunset.

Dublin Mornings

One of my favourite things to do as a photographer is to pick up my camera and walk the streets of whatever city I’m in and just take it all in and capture what I find interesting. this is how I managed to get this shot. The famous Dublin Quays.

I Wandered Lonely…

 I was lucky enough to visit the Croatian Island of Krk. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Tropical Kerry

 I snapped this shot while on a road trip to Dingle in March 2018. I had never been to Dingle or Kerry before and so I took this trip to discover our sunny south west.

Tropical Beach from above

 A unique perspective I captured standing on a cliff at the Cape of Good Hope and looking down at a pristine untouched beach below.

Galway Bay Sunset

Having a clear enough sky to watch the sun set over the horizon in Galway? that’s rare!

A Different Perspective Of Slieve League

What you might not expect of a photo of the iconic Slieve League cliffs. I wanted to capture something different from it.

Irish Sheep

This is as Irish as it gets! One to always remember home by.

Elephant Social

We stayed the night in the tents and watched and listened to the socialising of the elephants recounting their daily adventures. This was the first photo I ever printed for myself, so its a special one.

Garden Textures One

The textures from my garden showing the wilds of Ireland

Mystical Ireland

Hiking around Killarney for a day leaves you breathless by its utter beauty, even in the rain and mist Ireland can be beautiful.

Glenveagh National Park

Spectacular Donegal during storm Ellen in February.

Hong Kong

Street crossings full of people on the move and traffic racing by trying to make it ‘there’ on time. The energy of this city is incredible.

Elephant Friend

I will never forget this moment until the day I die.

Incredible Arabia

I will never forget this moment until the day I I spent the final days of 2017 in the heart of the middle east, Palestine.  From seeing the one and only Al-Aqsa Mosque to smelling spices in busy Souqs, it was a trip full of colour, life and noise.

Watching Kudu

I spotted this beautiful animal lurking, watching from the safety of the bushes.

Desert Sunrise

We woke up at dawn for the chance to watch the sun rise over the desert. How many times in your life are you going to be able to experience that? It was special.

Rural Ireland

As rural as it gets in Ireland. The North Donegal coast being battered by an Atlantic storm.

Rolling Landscape of Galway

We have a very unique landscape here in Galway. Something very different to the rest of the country.

Mount Gable

One of the nicer Hikes around north Galway. If you have a spare couple of hours over the weekend you should hit it up.

Garden Textures Two

The textures from my garden showing the wilds of Ireland

Garden Textures Three

The textures from my garden showing the wilds of Ireland

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