Hong Kong

Street crossings full of people on the move and traffic racing by trying to make it ‘there’ on time. The energy of this city is incredible. SHIPPING TO EUROPE ONLY (Sorry, I don’t make enough to ship elsewhere. Maybe in the future!)

Evenings in Hong Kong

I shot this image one evening as I crossed a street in downtown Kowloon. As I crossed I looked down the street and saw the setting sun bounce off nearby apartments and the motorbike heading in its direction. Maybe it was a person heading home after another busy day in the crazy busy city. IContinue reading “Evenings in Hong Kong”


One of my favourite things to do as a photographer is to pick up my camera and walk the streets of whatever city I’m in and just take it all in and capture what I find interesting. this is how I managed to get this shot. I was up at 6 am to head intoContinue reading “Dublin”